Raw Milk

We no longer offer Raw milk for sale

A note on current raw milk situation.  We have loved having raw milk to drink and the many wonderful dairy products that we make from our own raw milk. However, owning and maintaining a dairy cow or two comes at a very high cost, and I’m not just taking about the $$$. The reality is that milking a cow once or twice a day is a very large time commitment, not to mention how difficult it makes trying to get away for a vacation.  We have come to a spot in our lives where we realize that we just don’t have the time for our beloved milk cows.  I have dispersed my Jersey cows and we no longer offer raw milk.

I now purchase my milk from Morning Fresh Dairy in Bellevue.  It is delivered weekly to my porch and I have been very happy with this new situation.  It’s not raw milk but it is very high quality and I know it is better than the milk that I can buy at the grocery store.  Check them out if you are interested in home milk delivery, they also deliver a variety of other local products, and you can tour their farm.
See their website at: Morning Fresh Dairy