Raw Milk

Raw milk shares are currently sold out until further notice. 
***Please contact me if you are interested in milking a cow a few days a week in exchange for raw milk

A note on current raw milk situation.  We have loved having raw milk to drink and the many wonderful dairy products that we make from our own raw milk. However, owning and maintaining a dairy cow or two comes at a very high cost, and I’m not just taking about the $$$. The reality is that milking a cow once or twice a day is a very large time commitment, not to mention how difficult it makes trying to get away for a vacation.  We have come to a spot in our lives where we realize that we just don’t have the time for our beloved milk cows.  I am seriously considering selling our 2 Jersey cows or finding someone that wants to come to our barn in south west Greeley every day and do some milking – in exchange for free raw milk.  Please let me know if you are interested in either buying a milk cow or milking our milk cow and we can talk.

Raw Milk FAQ’s

How much milk with I get if I purchase a “Share” of the cow?                                          

Each share you purchase will allow you to have one gallon of fresh raw milk per week.  Pick up location is at our farm in Greeley.

What is the cost?

Current Share cost is $15.00 per week paid on a monthly basis.  For example, if you purchased 2 shares your cost would be $120.00 per month and you would pick up your 2 gallons of milk each week on your designated pick up day.  Milk comes in half gallon jars which you will return when empty each week as you pick up your fresh milk.  You do not need to provide your own containers.

There is a one time registration fee of $15.00.

What kind of cows do you milk and how many cows are in your herd?

We have 2 Jersey cows in our herd

What do you feed your cow?

From November – April our cows are fed very high quality grass or grass/alfalfa mix hay which is herbicide and pesticide free. They are fed alfalfa/grass pellets when being milked.  When the winter is very cold I supplement with dried molasses or sweet feed to maintain body weight and production.   From about May-October they graze in our pastures and eat fresh grass and alfalfa pellets when being milked.  We don’t spray our pastures with pesticides or herbicides. They are given free choice minerals.

How often do you milk your cow?

 We milk twice a day at freshening (when she gives birth) for about 6-8 weeks then we transition to once a day  and average 3 gallons per milking.  Currently we milk once a day.

How much cream will I get?                                                                                                          

Your milk will contain all of the cream she naturally puts into her milk – I don’t skim it off before you get it.  There is usually 2-3 cups of a combination of heavy and light cream at the top of each half gallon jar of milk.  On average there is about 3/4 Cup of Heavy cream at the top of every jar.  If you own shares of milk you can skim the cream off your milk and use it as you like or shake it in and drink it with the milk. Both options are excellent!

Is raw milk safe to drink?

Our raw milk is very safe and healthy to drink.  At this time I do not have my milk tested by a lab because I know it is safe, we drink it every day.  We hand milk our cow ourselves and I see everything that goes into the milking bucket.  If, on the rare occasion, there is any question about possible contamination during milking I give the milk to the pigs, the dogs or the cats and don’t take any chances.

What else can I do with raw milk and cream?                                                                          

Raw milk is excellent for home cheese making, which is easier than it sounds.  There are several varieties of cheese that a beginner can make with complete success.  Raw milk makes amazing yogurt, full of probiotics and beneficial digestive enzymes.  There is no need to pasteurize the milk in the yogurt making process which would kill the healthful properties that make raw milk so superior to pasteurized milk. You can’t purchase raw milk yogurt in any store, you have to make it yourself and it’s well worth it.  Use the cream for homemade butter, ice cream, sour cream, whipped cream, coffee/tea cream, cream cheese etc.

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a visit to the farm to meet our cow and taste some raw milk, or if you would like to be placed on the milk share waiting list.