Whole hog $400.00 or half hog $225.00 each

Naturally and Humanely raised with no antibiotics or hormones.  Fed on a commercial hog feed and supplemented with plenty of extras including:  Raw cows milk, whey left over from cheese and yogurt making,  produce from our garden including pumpkins, zucchini, carrots, spinach, beets, beans etc.  Salad mix, lettuce, kale, fruit, stale baked goods including doughnuts, pastries, bread.  Clean kitchen scraps (not table scraps) which include melon rinds, fruit and vegetable peels, etc.   They are not fed any meat.

Buyer to pay all butcher/processing charges which varies according to what you want and how you want it cut or prepared, bulk sausage, links, etc.  Processing generally costs around $225 for a whole hog.  Buyer will need to pick up the frozen pork directly from the butcher in Loveland.  A whole hog will take up most of  a 7 cubic foot freezer.


Our 2016 hogs were the best we have ever raised!  However, we probably won’t raise any 2017 hogs….too many other things going on.  Check back in 2018.