LGD Puppies for sale

Sophie and Solomon had a litter of 9 puppies in October 2022, they will be ready for their new homes at Christmas time. Officially 9 weeks old on December 22nd. Five males, four females. They will be big dogs

Mom is a Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix.
Dad is a Pyrenees/Akbash Mix
We own both parents and they are working dogs on our property.
Puppies were born on October 21st 2022
They have lived outside in the sheep pens since birth.
Pups will be vaccinated and dewormed before going to new homes.
These pups will be amazing LGDs and anyone familiar with these breeds will not have problems with them, for buyers who are new to LGDs, especially this particular mix of breeds, I have included some information below to help you understand them and make sure they will be a good fit:

These are working livestock guardian dogs and not suitable for living in an apartment/condo situation. Prospective buyers must have property/large yards for the dogs to roam. These dogs can be difficult to train, as they are bred to be independent thinkers. They may bark a lot, may dig holes, shed like crazy, and do not play fetch or do tricks. They may enjoy chasing chickens/poultry as puppies and need to be trained not to. They usually enjoy roaming and will run away from home given the opportunity. They will instinctively guard your family/property/other animals and keep predators away. They are gentle giants, excellent with children, very sweet and fun to be around. They are wonderful dogs if you have the right situation for them.

$550 each
Located in Greeley Colorado, call/text if interested 970-590-1416