Livestock Guardian Dogs

Our Livestock Guardian Dogs:

Solomon is a Great Pyrenees/Akbash mix that I got in January 2015.   I purchased two new puppies in January of 2020 named Monty and Carlos – they are Great Pyrenees/Akbash with a bit of Black lab/Golden Retriever in the mix.

I really love the Great Pyrenees breed as a guardian dog and they’ve worked out great for our small hobby farm situation.   They protect my family and all of my animals and they do their job very well!  They protect us from the local pests like coyotes, raccoons, foxs etc.  They also keep birds away from the farm, including geese, doves, hawks and eagles, but they don’t chase or hurt my chickens.  They are gentle enough to sleep in the barn curled up with the cats and they’ve been known to share their dog house with a chicken or two. I love these dogs!

The hardest thing about owning Great Pyrenees dogs is keeping them home.  They love to roam.  The only thing that has worked for us is an Invisible Fence system.  I love that it gives them the freedom to roam our property and it keeps them home and safe.