Livestock Guardian Dogs

Our Livestock Guardian Dogs, Samson and Solomon are a Great Pyrenees/Akbash mix.  These are the best farm dogs I could ever imagine!  They protect my family and all of my animals and they do their job very well!  We haven’t even seen a coyote, raccoon, fox etc. since these guys have been big enough to chase them off.  They also keep birds away from the farm, including geese, doves, hawks and eagles, but they don’t chase or hurt my chickens.  They are gentle enough to sleep in the barn curled up with the cats and they’ve been known to share their dog house with a chicken or two. I love these dogs!

We got Sam and Sol in January 2015 as puppies, but they were never little, weighing over 20 lbs at 10 weeks old.  After we brought them home my kids couldn’t help but express disappointment at their size “Mom….I thought you said we were getting puppies!?!”  I admit, they can be overwhelming, especially to most kids.  They are now nearly full grown and are ENORMOUS! However, they are still “puppies” and won’t be fully mature for another year, so they can get excited and knock the kids over on accident.  All it takes is a massive paw lifted up on one of the kids to knock them right off their feet.  They are gentle giants though, and look a lot scarier than they really are, unless you’re a coyote.

After talking with the vet, I decided to keep them intact at least until they fully mature.  They both have excellent conformation and are breed able.