All Natural Grass Fed Beef

Our grass fed beef cows produce delicious and extremely high quality beef.

They are raised on pasture in the warm weather and are fed very high quality, herbicide and pesticide free,  grass/alfalfa hay in the winter and enjoy a very stress free life.

We don’t spray our pastures with any pesticide or herbicide and use only natural methods for weed control including mowing, pulling weeds by hand  and rotational grazing.  No hormones or antibiotics are given to our cows.

We are not “certified organic” but we use organic practices in our farming to provide a delicious all natural product to our customers.

Our Beef price is $5.70/lb, priced by hanging carcass weight and sold by the whole, half or quarter cow.  Price includes butchering & processing charges.

Half a beef will probably fill a 7 cubic foot chest freezer.

When you purchase our beef you get to choose the cuts you want, steak thickness, roast size, etc.  It comes to you packaged, labeled and frozen, ready to go in your freezer.

Our Lowline Angus cows are small and produce a carcass weight of around 400-600 lbs.  They have a much higher meat to bone ratio than a standard Angus which means more meat for you.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing some beef.

******ALL 2017 beef is sold out******