Beef Cows

We first started keeping beef cows when our Jersey cow Lola gave birth to her first bull calf who we named Charlie.  She was bred to a Lowline Angus bull (miniature Angus) so we ended up with a Jersey/Angus cross steer (after we banded him). An excellent beef producer.  We knew that if she had a bull calf his purpose in life would be to give us meat.  It also helped that he was a naughty calf, so it made the decision to raise him for butcher an easy one.  When Charlie was in our freezer and we had our first taste of our own grass fed beef we were hooked!!!! I suddenly needed more beef cows.

I purchased 3 bred Lowline Angus heifers and a darling 3 month old Lowline Bottle baby heifer.  These ladies are the beginning of our beef herd.  Check back soon to see pictures of their calves, due this spring and summer.


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