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2023 Breeding Quality NABSSAR Registered Lambs for Sale
Our lambing season is just starting and I will have pictures and information about available lambs soon!  Let me know if you want to be on my waiting list.

Prices for 2023 lambs are:
Ewes $500-550
Breeding Rams $500
Wethers $250 (neutered males) for pets or fleece production
*Prices subject to change without notice*


2022 Breeding Quality NABSSAR Registered Ewe Lambs for sale
Not all of my lambs were cooperative with their photo shoot this year.  Some of the pictures look a little funny.  Rest assured, all of the lambs have nice straight legs and correct conformation, even if the pictures make them look otherwise. If you find a lamb you like feel free to request additional pictures/videos and I will text you some updated material.   


The darling little lamb pictured below is Charlotte, ID # 0030.  Charlotte is one of Nugget’s twins, sired by Hemi.  Nugget is white and Hemi is black.  Charlotte is one of my friendlier ewe lambs born this year.  She was supplemented with a bottle for a short time.  She has correct conformation, even though the pictures don’t capture it well.  Charlotte is QR at codon 171. $650  ***SOLD***

Pictured below is Jane, ID # 0031.  Jane is one of Nugget’s twins and is very friendly. Sired by Hemi.   These were Nugget’s first set of twins and she definitely took good care of her babies!  Jane and her sister Charlotte were supplemented with a bottle for a short time while the weather was really cold.  As a result, she is friendly and curious.  She is a big healthy girl but didn’t cooperate at all for her photos and the photos below were the best I could get.  She has excellent conformation and is RR at codon 171. $650   ***SOLD***


The little white ewe pictured below is Emily ID # 0035.  Emily is the twin daughter of Xeno, a momma ewe I added to my flock just last year.  Emily was sired by the magnificent Billy Wool – my foundation ram who is perfect in every way.   Xeno had a ram and ewe twin for me this year and she is an excellent mother – an old pro for sure!  Emily was the only white ewe lamb born this year.  RR at codon 171  $650  **SOLD**


Marianne is the lovely little lamb pictured below, ID #0036.  Marianne is one of the twin ewes born to Roxy and sired by Hemi.  Roxy is one of my foundation ewes and she is excellent in every way.  She a thick girl and always have enough milk for her twins, she never gets thin, even when lactating.  Marianne is a very nice looking lamb and RR at codon 171. $650  **SOLD**


Caroline is the lamb pictured below, ID #0037.  She is the twin sister to Marianne who is pictured directly above.  Caroline is very cute but didn’t standing for her picture to be taken, so her side view is a little goofy looking.  Rest assured she can stand up straight and has very nice conformation.   RR at codon 171. $650


Pictured below is the very cute little ewe named Lizzy, ID # 0045.  Lizzy was a twin with a white ram, born to mom Juniper and sired by Nightshade.   Juniper is a very sweet ewe and an excellent mother.  Lizzy has a darling face and she really stands out from the rest of the lambs.  RR at codon 171. $650  ***SOLD***


The next little cutie is Emma, ID # 0046.  Emma is the single ewe born to mom Poppy and sired by Nightshade.  I consider Poppy to be one of my most beautiful ewes, she has a very feminine look and beautiful conformation, she is also an excellent mother.  QR at codon 171. $650   


The last ewe born this year was Alice ID #0047.  Alice is the twin ewe born to mom Princess Peach and sired by Nightshade.  Alice has a twin brother born just before her but she had a bit of a rough start in life.  They were born late on a rainy night, she was up happily nursing with her brother, safe inside their lambing jug with their doting mother when I left them that night.  When I went to check on them in the morning little tiny Alice and managed to squeeze out of the jug and and spent the night sleeping in the adjacent jug with a different mom and babies.  When I returned her to her mom she didn’t “smell right” and her mommy rejected her, shoving her away repeatedly.  I worked and worked with mom and tried to get her to recognize her little baby and take her back but it was all for nothing.  Mom wouldn’t have anything to do with her and she was raised as a bottle baby.   She is so cute and friendly, we just love her!  RR at codon 171. $650  ***SOLD***


Wethers for sale!!!  I have 10 wethers available for sale this year.  2 white and 8 black.  I don’t have individual pictures of all of them but they are all very cute! $250 each.  Wethers are not registered.


2021 Breeding Quality NABSSAR Registered Babydoll Lambs:

Below are pictures of my 2021 lambs for sale

Pictured above:  a very friendly wether named Burton Guster aka Gus is a twin from one of my original flock starting ewes “Daisy”.  Daisy consistently has twins and has strong maternal instincts.  She has an ample milk supply to support twins and is one of my favorite and best ewes.   Gus is naturally very friendly and is my favorite of last years rams.  He was so sweet and friendly that I turned him into a wether because his destiny is to be a pet, not a breeding ram or lamb chops.  We didn’t get a very flattering side view of Gus.  Lambs do not always cooperate for their photo sessions! RR at codon 171.  

Pictured above is the darling ram named Barty.   He was a twin born on April 13th, to Juniper, a first time mom.  Juniper was an excellent first time mom, and very attentive to her babies.  He was born in the middle of a very chilly spell and he struggled.  He became hypothermic on day 2 and had to be brought into the house to warm up.  It was determined that he wasn’t getting enough to eat and we supplemented him with a bottle until he was weaned.  RR at codon 171

***SOLD*** Pictured above is Kimmy, the youngest of my 2021 lambs, born May 5th.  Kimmy is the single daughter of  first time mom, Rosemary.  Kimmy is absolutely adorable, the pictures don’t do her justice.  Black lambs are difficult to photograph!  She has had to keep up with all the older lambs from day one, and was out playing with all of them when she was just a few hours old.  She has a very fun personality.  RR at codon 171.

**SOLD** The Beautiful Ewe pictured above is Juliet.  She is so photogenic!  Juliet is the single daughter of Poppy and I am very happy with her look and conformation.  She is the first Ewe that Poppy has ever had and I think I may just want to keep her! RR at codon 171

Pictured above is black ram named Titus and his twin brother Andre.  These boys are from one of my original flock starting ewes named Roxy.  This was the first time Roxy had ever had twins and she is a fantastic mother.  She holds weight better than any of my other ewes and she didn’t even slim down while providing her twins with plenty of milk.  She has never looked thin in her life!  Both twins are RR at codon 171.

***SOLD*** Pictured above is an adorable black ewe named Olive, who did not want to cooperate for her pictures.  She is one of the twin daughters of Clover, my ewe with the best wool.  Clover is an excellent mother and also holds weight very well.  She never looks thin, even when nursing.  RR at codon 171.

The fluffy white teddy bear above is an impressive ram named Gideon.  He is the single lamb of first time mom “Nugget”.  He is big, strong, has an amazing white wool coat , excellent conformation, and is perfect in every way, except one….he is the only lamb this year to test QR at codon 171.  Normally I don’t keep rams that are not RR, but this guy is so impressive that I figured I would at least keep him a ram for a little while longer.   There are plenty of high quality breeding rams out there that are QR and I wouldn’t overlook this guy just based on that.  If you have questions about this please ask me and I can explain it to you.

***SOLD*** Above is the darling ewe Rosalina.  She is the single daughter of first time mom “Princess Peach”, who I consider to be my most attractive ewe.  Rosalina was the first lamb born this spring, arriving on April 12th.  Princess Peach was an excellent mother with strong maternal instincts, even as a first timer.  Rosalina is the largest of my lambs and she has the most adorable fluffy face.  My kids say she looks like an Ewok.  I have no doubt that she will be a great addition to any flock.  RR at codon 171.

***SOLD*** Next up are the ewe twins named Finola and Dee Dee, from one of my newest ewes Raven.  I got raven last year and I have not been disappointed with her!  She is naturally very friendly, has a long slim build and gives everything to her babies.  She doesn’t keep weight on as easily when nursing.  She is a fantastic mom, especially for a first timer, and had her beautiful set of twins up and nursing before I even knew they were born (and I was out working in the sheep pen while waiting for her to give birth)!  Raven has been one of the best first time moms I’ve ever had and I’ve just been impressed in every way with her and her adorable twins.  Both are RR at codon 171.

***SOLD*** Pictured above is a lovely white ewe named Ginny.  Ginny is the twin sister to Barty, mentioned above, and the daughter of Juniper.  Ginny did just fine in the cold weather and never needed any milk supplements like her brother Barty did.  She is very cute!  RR at codon 171.

The ram above is named Shawn Spencer.  He is the twin to the first lamb listed, a black ram named Gus, the twins of one of my best ewes Daisy. I’m not sure if this ram qualifies as being called “Spotted” however, he does have one black spot on his right shoulder.  I don’t know if he will pass this spotted trait on to his offspring or not, but if you are interested in spotted sheep, he might be right for you.  ***Please note that NABSSAR does not allow spotted sheep to be registered.  A sheep can be registered through NABSSAR if it only has one spot that is less than 4″ – his spot is less than 4″.  When he was first born the spot was very black, as he is getting older it is fading.  His sire is dual registered with NABSSAR and OEBSSR.  OEBSSR does allow spots. RR at codon 171.  Update 2022 – now that Shawn is over a year old, his spot has nearly completely faded, very hard to see.

Now making reservations for 2022 lambs, contact me if you would like to be added to the waiting list.  I’m expecting both black and white lambs.

All of the sheep are up to date on Cd/T vaccinations, wormed and have tails docked.  All breeding quality Rams and Ewes are registered with NABSSAR.

2022 Lambs are due mid April.  Weaned and ready for new homes in July.  Prices for 2022 lambs are:
Ewes $650 – $750
Breeding Rams $500
Wethers $250 (neutered males) for pets or fleece production
*Prices subject to change without notice*


Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a Babydoll, if you have questions, or if you would like to be placed on the waiting list for 2022 Lambs.  Fill out the form below or call me directly at 970-590-1416.  I am located in Greeley Colorado.