Babydoll Sheep

I began keeping Babydoll sheep in 2015 and I never plan to stop – they are so rewarding to keep!  My starter herd consisted of Lilly and her twin ewes Daisy and Roxy.  The herd has grown from there.

I love the babydoll breed for many reasons.

  • They are small and so easy to manage.
  • They are friendly and fun to keep.
  • They eat all the weeds in my orchard and keep the grass trimmed.
  • They are very hardy and do very well in the winter.
  • They produce wool each year that can be used in other projects.
  • They can be raised for meat and are delicious.
  • Keep them registered and sell a few off each year – they will pay for themselves.

In the beginning, my husband was not excited about keeping sheep.  He didn’t see their value and only saw them as another expense.  I ended up with 2 ram lambs from our first breeding and we decided to raise them for meat – even though we weren’t familiar with cooking or eating lamb.  Well, they were delicious and we soon discovered how amazing lamb is.  It is now one of my most favorite meats.  Ground lamb is at least 10 times better than ground beef in every way possible.

We use our darling sheep in our pasture management plan.  Sheep love to eat weeds and they can trim up any bush.  They naturally fertilize wherever they graze and they are great pasture companions for cows.   I have them sheared every year and use their wool for a variety of fiber arts projects.

Every year I have a few lambs for sale and sometimes an older ewe or ram.

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For more information on Babydoll sheep please see the following website:

North Americal Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association & Registry