Sheep Shearing 2022

I get a lot of questions about sheep shearing. So I thought I would add a little information to answer some of my top questions asked. Q: Do you shear your own sheep? A: No, I don’t. I pay someone else to shear them for me. My shearer comes down from Wyoming every spring and shears all of my sheep. He is fast and efficient, … Continue reading Sheep Shearing 2022

Hatching our first chicks with the incubator

I hatched our first chicks back in November of 2020 but I didn’t get around to posting about them until now. For our first try, it was fairly successful although I would’ve been happier had a few more eggs hatched. We incubated 41 eggs and after candling them a few times we determined that all of them but maybe one contained a viable embryo. During … Continue reading Hatching our first chicks with the incubator

The New Sheep Have Arrived!

I recently purchased some new Babydoll sheep to add some genetic diversity to my flock.  We picked them up earlier this month from the mountains of Colorado and used a homemade livestock box strapped to our small trailer.  It worked like a charm!!! I’m happy to introduce the new members of our flock: One impressive black ram named Night Shade and three beautiful black yearling … Continue reading The New Sheep Have Arrived!