Lambing 2022

Lambing for 2022 has come and gone! It’s always my favorite time of the year, exciting yet exhausting. This year went well and here are a few stats.

Lambing began March 30th 2022 and ended on May 3rd 2022

11 of 12 ewes bred – disappointing that one ewe was left open, but this is the 2nd year she hasn’t bred. One more chance for her next year with a different ram and then I will need to sell her if she doesn’t breed.

20 lambs total. 9 sets of twins, 2 single birth. Excellent twinning rate! The work I did last fall to boost twinning really paid off!

12 rams born, 10 black, 2 white

8 ewes born, 7 black, 1 white

Losses: this year I lost 2 ram lambs. One was dead at birth, his twin brother died a couple weeks later. Very sad for the poor mama – a first timer. I hate losses, but they are part of farm life sometimes.

I had LOTS of black lambs this year – probably more than I would like to have. I purchased another white ram for 2023 lambs in the hope to even out the numbers a little more.

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