Cows for Sale

I have 2 Jersey cows for sale and 2 Lowline (mini-Angus) beef cows for sale. details below.

8 year old Jersey cow, named Lola, used as our family milk cow since she was 2 years old. She has given birth to 3 calves for us and is a fantastic mother. She is trained to be milked by hand and she is easy to handle. She was trained to be led on a rope, but we haven’t done this for many years with her. She holds her weight well. I haven’t bred her in a few years because life got too busy for milking a cow. Currently she is unbred but I will be watching for heat cycles and hope to have her bred by artificial insemination for a summer 2022 calf. She would make a great family milk cow for someone or she could be used as a nurse cow. She can be sold unbred, if you prefer. Polled

5 year old Jersey cow named Ella. Ella is Lola’s second calf and is actually half mini Jersey although you would never know it. She is the same size as a standard Jersey. She was dehorned as a calf. Has had 2 calves for us and is a fantastic mother with very strong maternal instincts. We milked her for the first time last summer and she did fairly well. I think she would do very well if someone wanted to take some more time to train her up a little better. She has a fantastic udder that stays high and tight even when she freshens. She could be used as a family milk cow or a nurse cow. Breeding situation is the same as Lola, currently unbred but I will be watching for heat cycles, can be sold unbred.

5 year old Lowline/Aberdeen/miniature Angus cow named Bambi. We purchased Bambi as a bottle baby and she is such a fantastic little cow. She is very short as you can see from the pictures and she is very friendly and easy to work with. She has had 2 calves for us and is a fantastic mother. She has always been one of my favorites and I hate to sell her. She would be great to use as a mini cow mama so she can continue to produce little beef babies for her future owner. She is polled. Currently unbred, must be bred to another mini breed.

16 month old Lowline cross mini jersey heifer named Flora Bell. Flora is Bambi’s second calf and she is an absolute darling! So sweet and friendly. She could become a great little homestead cow and be used as a family milk cow if someone is willing to train her. She is currently unbred but is just about the age that she could be bred to another mini breed. I have no doubt that she will be a fantastic mom and that she will be great at whatever she is used for. She has been a family favorite and I also hate the thought of selling her but I know she will do well for her new owners.

These cows can be sold individually or together in any combination you like. I haven’t decided on any firm prices yet, make me a reasonable offer. Located in Greeley Colorado.

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