Second Calf of 2020


Ella had her calf on May 22nd.  A nice healthy bull calf we named Jerry.  He’s doing great!  He will be raised for beef.  A lot of people wonder how we can raise animals for butcher, especially when we we’ve owned them since their birth. It’s actually something I wondered myself when we first started keeping cows.   It’s not as hard as you think it would be.  The truth is that they aren’t butchered when they are young and sweet and fun to play with.  They are large, fully mature, and generally a pain in the rear by the time they meet the butcher.  We give our animals love, food, water, clean pastures and shelter and when they’ve grown up they give everything back to us in the form of food for our table.

Calving for the year is finished now and I’m always very grateful when it’s uneventful and everything happens naturally.  I haven’t had to pull a calf yet and I’d like to keep it that way.  We missed the birth of both of the calves this year, I found them just after they were all licked clean.  I like to be there to see the birth when possible, but i’m just as pleased to find a happy mom and baby after it’s all finished.  It’s always fun and exciting when we can welcome healthy new babies on the farm.

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