New chicks for 2020

I got a little out of control when I did my spring order of chicks.  There are so many varieties – I wanted to try them all!!!  I definitely fell short of ordering them all but I got a really nice variety.  I ordered 57 from my favorite hatchery (Murray McMurray), and they threw in 3 free chicks – which all arrived healthy and well!  That made 60.

I put 14 chicks on a friend’s order to another hatchery, so I could get a few more breeds.  That brings our total to 74.

I then found one of my own adult hens with 4 chicks that she had hatched up in the loft of our barn.  That brings the total to 78!  Yikes, thats a lot of chicks!!!  I will need a few more nest boxes.

The oldest bunch of this years chicks should be mature and laying eggs in July or August.  I will have plenty of fresh free-range eggs to go around!


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