First Calf of 2020

My favorite minature Angus “Bambi”  gave birth last week to a beautiful heifer that we named Flora-Bell.  Last August when Bambi came into heat my AI tech (Artificial Insemination) was out of town and unable to come and service her.  I was headed back for another semester of nursing school in just a few weeks and knew that I would miss seeing any future heat cycles.  I needed to get her bred on this heat cycle.  I talked to my wonderful friends, who had a young mini-jersey bull.   They were willing to bring him over to spend some time with Bambi.  It was a success!

I was originally planning to raise her baby for beef – I was hoping for a bull calf because the decision is really easy when you have a bull.  Basically the only option is to make them into a steer and raise them for beef.  Heifers make great beef too but I hate to butcher a perfectly good heifer.

Flora-Bell is half mini-angus and half mini-jersey.  She’s so beautiful and so sweet!  I wasn’t planning on expanding my herd of cows but she could grow up to be a great additional mama cow.  She even has the potential to become a milk cow, depending on her temperment and her udder.  Time will tell but I’m very tempted to keep her!

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